Isaack Hassan reveals what Raila did to him after Uhuru was declared President

Hassan disclosed the events orchestrated by Raila soon after the declaration of Uhuru as President.

In his memoirs released during the Sixteenth Cambridge Conference on Electoral Democracy in the Commonwealth, in Cambridge, England, recently, Hassan disclosed how Raila teamed up with the civil society to constantly frustrate him over the election outcome, a move that saw him eventually resign as chairperson of the IEBC.

According to The Star, Hassan lamented Raila and the Cord coalition repeatedly bashed the electoral commission in well-orchestrated attacks all aimed at tarnishing their name in attempt to show the public that they had worked to ensure Kenyatta won the 2013 elections.

“In a country with no culture of conceding electoral defeat, three-and-a-half years were spent by these Opposition leaders honing a sense of victimhood to the effect that the presidential elections were rigged,” Hassan said.

The Raila-led Cord coalition twice (in 2014 and 2016) unsuccessfully filed a petition in Parliament for their removal from office.

The opposition also organised for weekly demonstrations to call for the ejection of Hassan and his team but the former chairperson stood firm arguing that due process and the law be followed for them to quit.

“I believed if I stepped down under these conditions I will be succumbing to intimidation and give credence to the false claims and allegations being made against us. I made the decision to stay strong and insist on respect for the rule of law in removing the Chair and Electoral Commissioners from office,” Hassan is quoted.

However, Hassan finally decided to resign early this year in January to avoid a looming political confrontation and also save the institution from what he termed as further “cannibalization”.

The move paved the way for current chair Wafula Chebukati and six other commissioners to assume office and take charge of the 2017 elections.


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