Expensive Feature Blocking Recce Squad from Breaking into Jimi Wanjigi’s Room

Elite Recce squad officers were spotted carrying explosives and sledge hammers at Wanjigi's home.

On Monday, police camped at Wanjigi’s lavish home on address 44 Muthaiga Road following a similar raid at a villa in Malindi that is also owned by the businessman.

The flying squad officers were, however, unable to find the wealthy businessman and political financier in the search that lasted more than twelve hours.

The police officers are reported to have broken down doors in the massive home that has about six houses.

The businessman’s wife Nzisa Wanjigi and his father who is a former Cabinet Minister, Maina Wanjigi were at the lobby of the main house as police ransacked various rooms looking for Jimi.

While the family insisted that the controversial businessman was absent from the house, the police insisted on staying on in the house until they could access the businessman “for an interview”.

Police believe that Jimi had locked himself inside a underground bunker in one of the six houses at his expansive home.

A bunker is an expensive security feature, mostly used in military fortification, designed to protect people or valued materials from falling bombs or other attacks.

It remains unclear in which of the six houses that Jimi has sought solace, but police have indicated that they would leave no stone unturned, including using explosives to break into the strong room.

By the time of publishing this story, police were yet to access the wealthy businessman.


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