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Abel Mutua's brother Jesse admits beating Rapho, his battle with drugs & mental health

Abel Mutua's brother Jesse Mwethuku, aka Luku Baridi has opened up on his relationship with younger brother Raphael Mbuvi Musyoka aka Rapho

Jesse Mwethuku aka Luku Baridi

As new details continue to emerge on the life of Abel Mutua’s younger brother Raphael Mbuvi Musyoka aka Rapho who died earlier in the week, Jesse Mwethuku, aka Luku Baridi who is also a brother to the renowned actor has admitted that he did go physical on the deceased.

Jesse who was responding to allegations that Rapho’s final days were rough with claims of assault explained that he only got physical as a means of disciplining his younger brother.

Shedding light into the same, Jesse explained that he first went physical on Rapho in 2020.

At the time, he alleged that his younger brother who is now deceased had swindled some money from their father who was keen on stopping Rapho from using drugs.


"I want to unconditionally admit kuwa I went Physical on my kid Bro on several occasions that's absolutely true and that here's the other side of the coin.

“I knew one day I was gonna trend but never in my wildest dreams did it occur to me that would happen such a time I'm mourning the loss of my brother as being the reason why he's no more, I know it's bad timing but for my peace of mind I want to address just one aspect that has been leveled against me as an individual which was violence towards my brother,” Jesse explained.

He added that Rapho lived a comfortable life but things everything became complex when things failed to work out as he had hoped, leading to mental health challenges


“So My kid brother had the opportunity to live a very comfortable life with Abel at his house but he chose to live a basic life with me since my dad is a retired civil servant who relocated to Ushago,”.

“It was at this point that he was done with school and so somehow things weren't working according to how he'd hoped for so he became ill with mental health issues.

"ND since nlimfunza mpaka sherehe it did help matters and so he sunk into depression. I'd come to visit him napata he's sleeping na black stanaz, for kitu 2 months amelala na Gogos so I looked for a few friends of his nkawauliza if they've noticed sth with Rapho wakanishow your bro nkama nastep..meaning Ako karibu kuwachilia,”

“I got a distress call from my Dad Telling me kuwa Rapho amemtwist mkono waakangushana chini because my dad wanted to get a sling bag on his neck which had a few drugs.

"So my mind went back to the Machakos level 5 test which said Rafo was in a good state of it occurred to me kuwa he knew what he was | felt at that state we might have to bury my dad at 70,”


“So I went to ushago April 21st, 2020 ata sikusalimia watu nili go physical on my bro for the first time in my life I can swear this before God and he apologized and we shook hands tukasema I should never get such a call ever in history,” Jesse explained.

“My bro still refused to be rehabilitated so I still took a taxi Hadi ushago to our dad...and I delivered the boy to my dad's hands but I gave the two of them instructions.

“I should never ever be called on matters related to Rapho the only call I'll pick is the day he'll tell me he's ready for rehabilitation...bila hyo ata musijisumbue and we shook hands that day and it's the last time I spoke to rafo until now recently when I got a call from Dad asking me to come with policemen and collect the lifeless body of my brother

“So as for violence, I Admit!!! but that's not violence but it was kurekebisha makosa as his 2nd parent, remember I was the only one living with Rhafo


"Did I do it for anger? No, I was trying to rekebisha kosa

"Did u love your brother? Absolutely, if this ain't love, then I don't know what's Love Do u regret anything? Absolutely Not, I did my best but it wasn't enough.


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