7 things you should not be doing with your gel manicure

Avoid these harmful habits to maintain healthy nails


Thanks to gel manicures, many women do not have to worry about smudging their freshly painted nails while digging for something in their purses.

Not everyone was up for the gel nail polish movement though; as is expected with new changes. And although a lot of women absolutely love the gel nail polish, there are some things that you need to pay close attention to in order to keep your nails healthy.

Do not pick at the gel manicure when you want to remove it

The same way you are not supposed to pick at normal nail polish, the same rule applies for gel nail polish – no matter how tempting it is.

Apparently picking at the gel nail polish can make water seep into the nail which then harbors bacteria in the nail and causes fungus.

You can also end up peeling off layers of her nails; damage that can take close to six months to repair.

Do not have gel manicures back to back

Do not get a fresh gel manicure immediately after removing your previous one. Your nails need some time to breathe and repair.

Opt for a clear base coat to help hydrate and repair your nails.

Gel polish removal can be harsh and harmful

The gel polish removal process can be a bit harsh. Soaking your nails in acetone leaves your nails dried out and in a fragile state.

On top of that the buffing done after can also cause extra damage.

Make sure that your gel polish are cured properly to try lessen the damage.

Try limit your exposure to the gel manicure light

This point can be linked to avoiding getting gel manicures back to back.

The gel nail lamps use higher intensities of UVA wavelengths so as to fasten the manicure process which gives the lamps a shorter time harm your skin.

Manicures can weaken your nails

Constantly getting a manicure can weaken your nails thus leading to dehydration and thinning of your nail plate.

This is the reason why you may notice discoloration of your nails. You may not notice a change in your nail color if you always have your nails painted.

The coating of polish also blocks nails from receiving oxygen.


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