10 things most men are insecure about


We are human at the end of the day and it’s normal to feel embarrassed or insecure about maybe the way your body is, or your current life situation. Men are under so much pressure to look a certain way and be financially stable by a certain age. We all begin to feel certain pressures especially the older we grow. While women struggle with insecurities brought about by world beauty standards, the men too are not left behind and have their own share of insecurities like:

1. Being broke.

A majority of us grew up seeing our dads bring the bread home while our mothers were busy being the home-makers. Any man who has not made it in life is insecure about being broke. There’s pressure for the guy to make it, even more than ladies cause many people are of the mentality that ‘ladies can always get married to wealthy guys or guys who will generally take care of them’. But in this economy, who will want to be with a broke guy?

2. Living with their parents, as adults.

Obviously, if you’re broke, you may not afford to move out on your own and you may end up living with your parents even as an adult. According to society, once a man is of age, he should move out of his parents’ house and start a life of his own. It’s due to this reason that many men who still live at home, are really insecure about it, seeing as they will be judged by most people and also by most ladies. In fact, many ladies will be hesitant to date a man who still lives in his parents' house.

3. Penis size.

Strange enough, a man might have the biggest penis you have ever seen and will still make insecure remarks like “I’m I big enough for you?”. Dear guys, the debate on whether size matters is very much valid. However, it’s not about the size of your penis, but what you do with that very piece pf meat. In fact, many women prefer men with medium sized penises so if your skills in bed are good enough, then you have nothing to be insecure about.

4. Height.

A majority of ladies will go for buff taller guys because that’s what’s deemed as the quintessential handsome man. Because of this, short guys feel insecure about their height. To be fair, you can’t do much about your height. You were born that way and the best thing you can do is accept yourself as you are and use these dating tips that we shared with you a while back, on how to date women as a short guy.

5. Showing emotions.

Who said that men cannot cry? Men have insecurities about appearing vulnerable in front of people. Men bottle up their feelings, afraid to talk about things that bother them so as not to be seen as weak. No, it’s time to speak up, it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to let it all out and to express how feel without worrying about your masculinity – seriously!

6. Hair loss.

Many men are afraid of going bald. Balding unfortunately, is mostly hereditary. While other reasons be it medical or cases of for instance using the wrong hair products can cause hair loss, balding is something that many men fear and are insecure about. I guess that’s why hair extensions for men are now a thing. Well, good thing is, should you start balding, there are options, such as getting a hair transplant, using products to restore your hair, hair extensions or even sporting a bald look which by the way, a majority of women fancy. Oh plus, you can also resort to wearing hats like one Neyo.

7. Weight.

Super skinny men and fat men are insecure about their bodies. Heck, men without muscles are also insecure about their bodies. They feel like they need to look a certain way. The good thing about this is that one can always work for the body they want. If you feel you’re too thin, work out. If you’re fat, work out. If you want to gain muscle, work out…you only have yourself to blame really for not having your dream body. The rest are all excuses.

8. Being single forever.

While some men are happily single and wouldn’t mind keeping it that way for the rest of their lives, other men especially in their mid to late thirties start getting insecure about their marital status. After all, all their friends are married with kids and they begin to feel like they’re lagging behind. Women too have this insecurity but one thing to remember is that we are destined for different paths. Don’t get married simply because so and so got married and now you feel left out. Get married at your own time and pace. You have nothing to prove to anyone.

9. Man boobs.

Okay, honestly, I too would be insecure about man boobs lol. There’s nothing cute about them. But, it’s not your fault. Men develop breasts due to the imbalance of estrogen and testosterone. However, you can always get them surgically removed if they bother you.

10. Whether or not they are a good dad.

I get why a man would question whether or not they make a good parent. If you’re doing your part as a parent and your best, you should not be worried.


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