4 body parts that age faster than the rest of the body

They make you look older

Taking care of oily skin(L'Oreal Paris)

When we think of aging, we think about our faces. We, therefore, tend to pay more attention to the face while forgetting other parts of the body. Researchers believe that some body parts age faster than others. As such, while taking care of your face is important, there are other parts that make you look older even though the face still looks young.

Now, you need to be taking good care of these body parts since they will always betray your age when neglected:

This is an area that most of us neglect. Yet, the fine lines around the eyes can make you older than you actually are. When some skincare products should not go near the eye, you can invest in under-eye serums and creams. Applying them regularly will help prevent formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

While going out in the sun, wear sunglasses since damage by the sun also speeds up aging.

However supple and youthful your face looks, if your neck tells a different story, you are failing somewhere. Actually, your neck ages faster than even your face which is why you should never neglect it. The neck is made of a very thin layer that tends to sag as we age.

Always moisturize your neck and wear SPF every day.

Your hands are exposed to harsh conditions such as detergents from time to time. This causes them to dry out and develop fine lines and wrinkles. Their exposure to the sun also makes them age faster than most of the other parts of the body.

Every time your hands get into contact with water, moisturize them. When applying sunscreen on your face and neck, don’t forget your hands too.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about your elbows. This part tends to be dry most of the time and the exposure to the sun makes it age faster.

You can try moisturizing the area more often and putting on long-sleeved outfits.


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