6 habits that Kenyans need to stop during the covid-19 pandemic

Just stop them

Habits Kenyans should drop during the coronavirus pandemic (People Daily)

We are amid a pandemic during which you would expect we at least take things are a little bit seriously. While none is perfect, we need to drop some habits for our own good. After all, life continues after coronavirus pandemic is over.

1. Neglecting your mental wellbeing

Take care of your physical health but also do not forget that your mental wellbeing is equally important. If you are feeling sad, anxious and lonely, seek help before it’s too late. Also, try these tips if you are struggling with loneliness during quarantine.

2. Wearing masks around the neck

Masks are not one bit comfortable. But can you just do it to protect fellow Kenyans? It helps no one when you wear it around your neck.

3. Flouting simple directives

Coronavirus cases are increasing drastically in some regions like Eastleigh and Kawangware in Nairobi. But don’t you think that things would be better if we all agreed to observe simple directives such as wearing masks and observing social distance? Sadly, some Kenyans are still behaving like we are in normal times yet we are facing a pandemic that is wiping out lives.

4. Sitting in the house all day and doing nothing

Instead of watching TV all day, how about taking an online course? Take advantage of the free time to do something constructive with your life. You can also learn basic skills such as baking that can earn you money.

5. Not exercising

Now, now. Let’s not blame everything on Coronavirus. It’s still possible to exercise without going to the gym. You can work out from home or even jog early in the morning while observing social distance. Exercising is also good for your immune system.

6. Eating everything and anything

Seen those hilarious memes of how fat people will be after quarantine? Just make sure you won’t be one of them. It’s tempting to visit the kitchen now and then while at home but you can resist it.

Watch your portions and ensure you eat a balanced diet. This is not just for purposes of staying fit but to also boost your immunity.


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