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6 items you need when starting out your naturalista journey

Thinking of going natural with your hair? Here's a simple starter kit to help.

Black tea rinse on natural hair prevents shedding  (Teen Vogue)

If you’re thinking of going natural, well, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Many people assume that wearing your hair naturally is easier, compared to other styles such as weaves and relaxed hair but that's not the case.

As a naturalista, you need the right things and tools for your transition to be smooth and seamless. Here are things every naturalista needs:


A wide tooth comb will help detangle your hair hustle free while the Afro comb will be handy to style your hair especially curly styles, as you use it to pick your hair from the roots and give your curls some shape or generally, add volume to your hair, using the Afro comb.

To lock in moisture when you're sleeping.


This will come in handy when you're styling your hair, to help distribute products evenly be it by sprinkling your hair with water, oils or leave-in conditioner.

When it comes to styling your hair, nearly every natural hair style will require at least one or more bobby pins to secure the style in place.

This is for occasions when you need to deep condition your hair.


When it comes to the products you use, don't go with the hype. Keep trying out different products and see what works for you and your hair type, from shampoos to conditioners and oils.


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