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6 possible reasons why your feet are smelling

Here's why they smell


And we all know how embarrassing it can get since if you dare remove your shoes around people, everyone literally flees.

Yet sometimes, you might be trying to maintain the highest levels of hygiene but your feet just begin to smell and you can’t tell what’s happening. So, what really causes smelly feet?


Some causes include:

1. Stress

Stress affects most aspects of our health including your feet. You are now wondering how stress would actually have an impact on your feet. Well, when you are under too much pressure, you tend to sweat a lot. And when your feet sweat, they will definitely be smelly.

2. Your hormones

Your hormones can at times go whacky affecting your bodily functions. If you have hormonal imbalance, your feet are likely to suffer. Hormones affect your body odor since they can also change your sweat production. Teenagers going through puberty, menopausal women, pregnant women and those menstruating can have stinky feet due to changes in hormonal levels.


3. You are ever sweating

If your daily duties involve a lot of sweating, this might be the reason why your feet are stinking. You may also be sweating more than usual due to changes in weather or health problems.

4. You don’t give your shoes a break

Hygiene is pretty important when it comes to your feet- and of course the general health of your body. When you wear the same pair of shoes daily, bacteria tend to accumulate leading to foot odor. Just like you change your socks daily, do so with the shoes. Don’t forget to clean your shoes as often as possible.

5. Athlete’s foot


You might as well have contracted athlete’s foot which is a common fungal infection which gives your feet a sour smell. It’s characterized by itchiness, cracked skin between the toes and redness.

6. Your shoes

The type of shoes you wear may also affect the health of your feet. If for instance you always wear your favorite synthetic pair, you can’t escape foot odor. If you notice that you are more susceptible to foot infections, wear breathable shoes.

Foot odor is not a death sentence though. Check out some home remedies to get rid of the problem.


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