6 possible reasons why your nipples are itching

Itchy nipples? Here's why


You know how you get that strange look from those around you yet you just can’t help it? Well, itchy nipples could be a sign of a serious condition and sometimes there’s no need to raise alarm.

Here are some possible reasons why your nipples might be itching:

1. Pregnancy

Hello there! You might soon be a mom. In order to sustain pregnancy, the body produces lots of hormones affecting various aspects in a woman’s body. Pregnancy hormones are one reason why a woman’s nipples may be itchy. Other changes you may notice during pregnancy include tender breast and sore nipples.

2. Yeast

So the vagina is not the only organ that can suffer from a yeast infection. Breast yeast or thrush is common especially among breastfeeding women, if you have vaginal thrush and could also result from use of antibiotics. Other symptoms of nipple yeast include; tenderness, burning sensation after breastfeeding, dry areola, and cracked nipples that are slow to heal.

3. Allergic reactions

Just like the rest of your body, your nipples can develop allergy to certain things such as change of detergents, soap or body lotions. If you have recently changed your bathing soap for instance, consider trying a different one first before seeing a doctor if the itchiness is not so serious.

4. Eczema

Eczema can affect any part of the skin resulting to itchiness, dry skin and rashes. Unlike allergic reactions that can disappear once you know the cause and avoid it, you may have to see a doctor for eczema treatment.

5. Friction

Other times your nipples is only suffering from too much friction during exercise. Also, a very tight bra can irritate the nipples leading to itchiness. Invest in a well-fitting bra and exercise outfits to prevent itchy nipples.

6. Paget disease

This is a rare condition though a serious type of cancer. Other signs of Paget disease include; flattened nipples, nipple discharge and thickened skin around the nipple.


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