6 signs that you are drinking too much water

Are you drinking more than enough?


However, you might need to drink more or even less than that depending on various factors such as your health, environment, exercise and pregnancy.

Therefore, even though 8 glasses is the recommended amount, some people still do well with less than that while others need more than that. For instance, pregnant and nursing women need more fluids to stay hydrated and may thus need more than just eight glasses.

That said, did you know that drinking more than enough water could be harmful to your body? Here’s how to tell if you are drinking way too much water:

1. Clear urine

The color of your urine tells so much about your health. Ordinarily, your urine should be pale yellow-when you are hydrated enough. If the color changes to dark yellow or brownish, it’s a sign that you are dehydrated. However, if your urine is as clear as the water you drink, that’s a red flag that you are drinking way too much water.

2. You visit the bathroom a hundred times

If you get the need to visit the bathroom after very few minutes, you could be drinking more water than you need. Although regular peeing can also be a sign of an infection or diabetes, it’s also an indicator that you need to cut your water intake.

3. Fatigue

If you don’t take enough water, you will experience fatigue-it’s the same as when you drink too much water. By drinking too much water, your kidneys are forced to overwork to ensure there is a balance in your bodily fluids leading to adrenal fatigue.

4. You drink water when you are not thirsty

If you are very carrying your water bottle and refilling it even when you are not thirsty, you are probably drinking more than enough. Thirst is the best way for our bodies to tell us when we need to drink water.

5. Headaches

Most over-hydration signs resemble those of dehydration. Drinking too much water lowers the salt levels in your body. This leads to swelling of the cells including those in your head leading to headaches.

6. Cramping

Too much of something is poisonous and water is no exception. When you drink excess water, the electrolyte levels drop and this leads to muscle cramps.

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