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7 fashion tips for big-bodied guys

A man gotta look good

Big bodied men fashion (pinterest)

So you have been working out towards achieving your dream body. That’s cool. But before you get there, a man got to look good irrespective of their body size. In a recent post, we shared some fashion tips for plus size women. Today we look at the tips for guys with big bodies.

Check them out below:

1. Go for wider ties


One rule of wearing a tie is that it should always be proportional to your body size. While slender guys look better in slim ties, wider guys should go for wider ones. Read other rules of wearing a tie here.

2. Baggy clothes are a no-go zone

We have seen huge guys going for oversize clothes to hide the fat buy that is a big mistake because it only makes you look bigger. While you should also not opt for skinny jeans, you will want to go outfits that are quite fitting.

3. Wear light fabrics


Unless it’s July, you will want to keep your clothes as light as possible. Heavy fabrics are not just a burden but they also make you look bulkier than you already are. Keep your fabrics simple and light.

4. Go for large accessories

Again, it’s all about proportion. So, while choosing accessories such as watches, go for bigger ones. Also, the fact that huge watches are associated with power is a plus for you because bigger guys also tend to be associated with power.

5. A hat is your best friend


A hat shows that you at least put an effort to look good while dressing. A hat is a stylish attire that adds to your look and it’s a great choice for big-bodied guys and short and chubby guys as it adds more vertical space.

6. Layer up

Don’t be afraid of layering thinking that you might look bulkier. On the contrary, layering outfits is an excellent way to conceal your imperfections. If you have a potbelly, then layering is an option you can consider.

7. Experiment with suspenders


Have you ever tried suspenders in place of that belt? No? It’s time you did. If worn right, suspenders are comfortable and they hold your pants into position better than a belt for guys with big potbellies and thinner hips. Besides, they are super stylish compared to the regular belt that is worn by everybody.


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