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Simple rules of wearing a tie that every guy should know

Next time you wear a tie, follow these rules

Idris Elba - rules of wearing a tie (Alt 1037 - Radiocom)

A tie might be a small detail to add on to your look but it says a lot than you might think. That’s why there are rules to wearing a tie even though the rules are often unspoken.

The next time you are planning on wearing a tie, make sure you adhere to these simple yet very important rules:

1. The knot size matters


The size of the knot shouldn’t be too small nor too large. You don’t want a knot that is ridiculously big and you also don’t want a knot that does not cover the collar band and the top button efficiently.

2. Check on the length of your tie

Back in high school, short ties might have been the thing. But for a professional look, you want your tie to at least hit the beltline. And, it should not go beyond your belt line.

3. Screaming ties are a big no


Well, unless the intention is to grab all the attention, your tie should complement your look but not attract unnecessary attention. Choose a colour and pattern that are line with the palette of your shirt. If it’s printed, the prints shouldn’t be shouting.

4. Tighten the knot

No guys, a loose tie isn’t attractive at all. Look at yourself in the mirror again and tighten the knot if need be.


5. The width should be proportional to your body shape

As you can imagine, a skinny tie will look ludicrous on a broad man. Broader guys should, therefore, opt for ties that are a bit wider while slender guys should go for slim ties. But slim guys also need to ensure that the collar is smaller as well so that it’s proportional to the tie.

6. The occasion

Super important. The occasion determines the colour, print, and whether or not you add any accessories to your tie.


7. Your tie should never show under the collar of your shirt

If it shows, it means you either chose a tie that is too big or a shirt that has with a small collar. Always opt for wide-collared shirts when wearing a tie.


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