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7 morning routine fixes that will improve your health in 2023

If your resolution in 2023 is to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit, then here are a few tips that’ll help.

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Usually, phones are the first things we reach out for when we wake up in the morning. They have become an extension of us.

Skipping technology at least until you are done with your morning routine will help you start your day in a more relaxed mood.

You take control of the day by deciding what to control and not what will control you.


Try and wake up an hour earlier to at least create ample time for your new morning routine.

This gives your mind enough time to adjust and reduces anxious energy so that you start your day feeling ready.

Similarly. It also helps you to be more productive and reduces the morning rush hence lowering your stress levels.

Getting up earlier can also help with your body's natural sleeping rhythm allowing you to get better sleep at night.


Have you heard of the quote, if you want a great life make your bed? As cliché as this sounds, making your bed in the morning has been proven to improve a person's productivity during the day.

Some research has also shown that people who routinely make their beds in the morning often sleep better at night.

Meditation is one of the popular and widely recommended health practices for all human beings today. Regardless of age, gender or social standing, every person can benefit from building a habit of meditation.


This will help you balance your energy and set the mood for the day. You will start the day with a sense of calm and intentionality.

Meditation takes various forms, it could be prayer and reading scripture, and it can also be guided through various apps and YouTube videos.


Working out in the morning has been proven to increase alertness, support weight management, and improve mood.

When you exercise the brain releases endorphins, the “feel-good” neurotransmitters which will help you feel happier as the day begins.

Working out also improves sleep and your general well-being. Similarly, you can do Yoga, go for a morning walk and get some sunshine which is essential for your body.


Before you take coffee or breakfast take at least a glass or two of warm water.

Drinking water first thing in the morning flushes out toxins and improves skin health.

Kidneys are the primary regulators of fluid balance, and they require water to eliminate waste from your bloodstream.

Water is also believed to improve mental performance, increase weight loss and jump-start your metabolism. It also hydrates you and creates an easier digestive flow throughout the day.


You’ve heard a million times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, it's not just any breakfast but a healthy breakfast.

This will improve your metabolism, better your digestion, and strengthen your bones. It will have your body feeling energized until the next time you eat.

Avoid junk food, sugary cereal, or a lot of starch. Instead, consider eggs, oatmeal, fruits, and yogurt.


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