8 times you should never drink alcohol

Because it will do you more harm than good


But did you know that there are times you should not drink alcohol. Yeah? Seriously, even if you are really craving for a beer, sometimes you are better off without one.

Here are such times:

1. When pregnant

Unfortunately, regardless of how much you love alcohol, you should stay away from it as much as possible. Nine months seems like such a long time but it’s worth waiting instead of putting your baby at risk. Alcohol affects fetal development and could lead to abnormalities.

2. When breastfeeding

Your baby entirely depends on your breast milk for the first six months. Unless you want your baby to have a share of it as well, just keep off. But if you really must drink, ensure you feed the baby beforehand or express milk to feed it before drinking.

3. When on a flight

Think alcohol will make your flight more fun? Well, what you will get later is more and more jet lag.

4. When trying to lose weight

Alcohol is just one of the reasons why you never seem to shed your belly fat. Don’t believe it? Better do ‘cause alcohol has more calories than you thought. And of course packing on more calories while trying to lose weight won’t get you there.

5. When trying to conceive

While some women are lucky enough to conceive effortlessly, others find it really difficult. If you are one of the latter, avoid alcohol. This is because heavy drinking affects fertility in women thus reducing their chances of becoming pregnant.

6. When depressed

If you have something that is really bothering you, get other means to vent but not alcohol. It’s easier to get addicted to alcohol if you drink it when depressed.

7. Under medications

Certain medications can never go hand in hand with alcohol. Drinking alcohol while using antibiotics or sedatives for instance, increases the side effects of the drugs. It could lead to severe drowsiness, nausea, vomiting and increased heart rate.

8. Before bed

Unless you are not looking forward to enjoy some sound sleep, you should avoid alcohol before bed. It interferes with your sleep patterns and although you may fall asleep easily, you are likely wake up some hours after.


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