9 common problems twins face

Unhealthy competition


At least that’s the case most of the time. However, while it can be all fun and games, twins also go through some of their own struggles, especially the identical ones. Most of the problems have got to be social ones. Of course, you are going to get questioned a lot and compared to each other all the time and that can be a bit frustrating. Here are some of the problems that twins face.

1. Competition.

There’s sometimes unhealthy competition among twins especially academically. For the majority of twins, there’s always the weaker twin and most of the times, twins have very different personalities. One may not be very good academically, but he or she might be good at artsy stuff. However, the weaker twin may feel the pressure to be just as good as the other one and that kind of competition can be very unhealthy.

2. Comparisons.

They are always compared against each other. While they may have similar appearances, they can also be very different in their own unique ways. You may find twins being asked questions like “Who is the evil twin?” “Why are you not as friendly as your twin?”. This can bring a lot of frustration.

3. Identity crisis.

If you’re identical, a lot of times, people will not figure out who is who. So, you have to probably deal with having to explain yourself all the time, for the larger part of your life. While still on identity crisis, twins also face the problem of people asking for favors. Say to ask one twin to pretend that they are the other twin and confuse people or even teachers.

4. Career choices.

One twin might go on to be a lawyer, while the other is an artist or artiste. Both careers are obviously good enough if you’re following your dreams and chasing a passion, but one twin might be seen as the “weaker” one simply because they did not pursue a top tier career, which again, is a little unfair.

Other problems twins face include:

5. People not believing that you have a twin, simply because they have never seen the other half.

6. People asking annoying cliché questions like “Who is the older one?”

7. Being bought for similar gifts even though you have completely different personalities.

8. Ageing differently.

Our lives change all the time. Even identical twins will age differently especially due to factors like lifestyle choices. One might be obese in a few years, wile the other is still in perfect shape. Imagine being referred to as the ‘uglier’ twin?

9. Being called ‘The twins’.

For some reason, your name suddenly disappears when you’re a twin. Everyone just calls you ‘the twins’ as though you’re not two different people with different names and lives.


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