6 ways to prevent acne breakouts

Prevention is better than cure so try these 9 tips on preventing acne breakouts

You have tried everything from home remedies to trying out every face product in the market and they sometimes work; only problem is the breakouts still keep happening.

The issue may actually have more to do with your lifestyle as compared to the type of products you use on your face.

It’s all in the little details and here’s how you can tweak those little details on your lifestyle to avoid acne breakouts.

1.Make sure your face is clean

Wash your face at least twice a day. Most convenient times are in the morning and evening in order to get rid of dead cells, impurities and extra oil on the skin.

2.Don’t overdo on make-up

Avoid wearing make-up especially during a skin breakout to avoid irritating the skin further. If you must though, wear make-up sparingly.

Also check on the quality of make-up you are putting on your face.

3.Stop touching your face with your hands

Your hands have so many germs so touching your face all the time transfers those germs to your face and those germs and dirt can greatly irritate your skin and make it more prone to acne.


Exercising also does wonders for your skin. Exercising can help to relieve stress which may contribute to stress.

5.Make sure you moisturize

This will help minimize dryness that can cause peeling and scarring of the skin.

6.Eat right

Stack up on your fruits and vegetables and avoid eating a lot of greasy and oily foods


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