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Here is what happens to your body when you hit 30

Age is not just a number

Since we cannot choose not to grow old, we can only choose how we grow old by making every moment of our lives as memorable as possible.

Now listen up people, here is what happens to your body once you hit 30 years  of age:

1. Gray pubic hair


Weird, right? You see, you are not growing any younger and it's not only your head hair that will start graying. So, the next time you are in the shower and discover a gray hair on your pubes, don't freak out. This is just a hair and should not worry you. You can get rid of it but be careful not to injure your pubes.

2. More sex drive

You didn't see this coming but research shows that women are likely to enjoy sex more between the age of 27-45. In their 30s' women think more about sex compared to when they are in their early 20s or when going through menopause. For men however, their libido starts declining and this leads to a reduced sexual urge.

3. Fertility

From the age of 30, the fertility starts to drop and chances of conceiving are no longer as high as when someone was in their 20s. By the age of 32, the chances of conceiving reduce gradually and they start speeding up past 35 years. The quality of a man's sperms is also affected and can take longer for them to impregnate a woman. The volume of their semen as well as the motility of the sperm decreases continually between the age of 20 to 80.


4. Loose bladder

The bladder becomes weaker especially for women who have given birth and they may experience difficulties holding their urine. It's horrible but you might have to visit the bathroom more  often and long drives may be a challenge.

5. Periods

Thought your teenage periods were the most painful? Well, they may even be worse in your 30s. Due to the changes in the levels of estrogen and progesterone, you may have lighter, heavier, longer or shorter periods. However, if you feel concerned about the changes in your periods, make a visit to the doctor.


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