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Try this Aloe Vera routine for clear skin

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Ever heard that saying that goes, 'You are what you eat?' That’s actually right. If you feed your skin garbage, it will thank you with pimples and all that. To get good skin, you need to eat healthy, hydrate by taking lots of water, avoid direct sunlight, moisturize and just take care of your skin. But most of us don't care too much about a healthy diet and will also do the most, when it comes to skin care; we will have night creams, eye creams, day creams and all other sorts of creams that we apply on our skin. And that’s fine really, if that works for you. But you should try and incorporate natural skin care regimens into your skin care routine. An example of a natural skin care routine is the 5-day Aloe Vera challenge. This basically involves you applying natural Aloe Vera gel on your face for 5 days straight.

Basically, all you will need is an Aloe Vera plant chunk, you can buy it from the market or just borrow a neighbor if they have one in their backyard. You will then scoop out the gel from the plant daily. The good thing with the plant is that you can refrigerate it if you cover the open part of the plant with foil paper or a cling film.

Every night before you sleep, wash and cleanse your face, dry it then apply the natural gel and leave it to dry for about 15-20 minutes. At this point, you could either choose to leave it on, or wash your face and apply moisturizer after. Repeat this every night for 5 days and see the results.


Aloe Vera is known to have healing properties and helps clear acne, hyper-pigmentation, fights ageing, heals sunburns etc. The benefits are so many. In addition, it leaves your skin feeling younger, more toned, clear off pimples, hydrated and gives you a natural glow.

Try it and let us know how your 5 day challenge turned out.


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