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7 cute things you didn't know about babies

They are real angels

These adorable creatures bring warmth, joy and pride in every family. While we just see them as little ones who are primitive and harmless, babies can actually amaze you with their awesome features and abilities that you might not have thought of.

Check out these amazing baby facts:

1. Heal without scars


How amazing! Each time you have a wound resulting from a burn or a cut, you are left with a scar even after healing. It’s different for babies since their healing abilities are incredible when they are still in the womb. If a fetus undergoes a surgery in the womb, they are able to recover completely and they are left with no scar even after birth.

2. No kneecaps

Those little legs have no kneecaps at all. Babies are born with a cartilage structure that resembles the kneecap but the real cap develops much later after when they are around six months.

3. Born with more bones than adults

According to Biology, the human body of an adult has 206 bones. However, a baby is born with roughly 300 bones! As the baby develops, the extra bones merge and form stronger bones for the essence of organs protection.


4. Develop a moustache in the womb

This is really crazy but true nevertheless. When a baby is in the womb, they develop a moustache that later spreads to the whole body. The moustache then falls out before birth and the baby actually eats it! The moustache forms the baby’s first poop.

5. They don’t cry

You thought a new baby cries? Well, I thought so too but seems we all thought it wrong. If they are unhappy, in pain or hungry, they will wail and make noises to communicate but they never shed tears. Until they are around three weeks, they cannot cry because their ducts are not fully developed to create tears.


6. Big eyes

Babies are born with big eyes. Their eyes are usually 75% of their adult size at birth and hence need no much growth as compared to other parts of the body such as the ears and the nose.

7. Language in the womb


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