5 infections men can get from the barber

Gentlemen beware.

The tools being used are the same and sometimes they aren’t sterilized as they should thus infections.

Online site Men’s Health spoke to experts who revealed the type of infections men can get while at the barber.

Here are four of them.


This is the inflammation of the hair follicle. It is usually caused by a bacterial infection known as the staph bacteria.

The staph bacteria are transferred through improperly sanitized combs, scissors or razors.

Barber’s Itch

It is a type of folliculitis which develops around the beard or scalp area.

Some of the physical signs of the barber’s itch is red bumps or pimples that have pus which are very itchy.


Lice is transferred from one person to the other through sharing the comb of an infected person.


If your barber’s tools are rusted, then you are at risk of contracting tetanus.

You may get cut by the rusted tool during a haircut or a beard shave.

Tinea Capitis

It is a fungal infection that takes up the shape of a ringworm. Tinea capitis can be spread through improperly sterilized combs and towels.


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