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14 struggles beautiful women go through

Pretty women also go through problems

Everyone thinks your life is so easy and everything is at your disposal, jobs, men and all the good things in life. But people forget that beautiful women go through struggles too. In fact, you'll be surprised at how insecure most peng chics are when you meet them in real life. Before you assume that pretty women have it easy, familiarize yourself with these struggles that they go through:

1. You can't go past a group of men without being cat-called.

2. It's really hard to make friends with other women.


Most women want to be the Beyonce in any group of friends and there can only be one Beyonce. So, it's very hard for a pretty woman to actually make genuine friends who will not be jealous of her.

3. As if that's not enough, women do not want you around their boyfriends if you're pretty.

4. And it's also hard to be friends with the boys because they will almost always end up hitting on you or falling for you eventually.

5. So you end up quite lonely actually. Yes, most of the time, pretty women are actually really lonely .

6. Even though, paradoxically, they have to deal with getting so much attention based on their looks.


How do you even start to answer 100DMs per day collectively on all social media platforms?

7. Most men are afraid to approach pretty women because they think they (the women) are way above their league.

So only creeps and psychopaths end up approaching the pretty girls because they actually have the balls. A majority of the pretty women you meet will tell you about having dealt with stalkers at one point of their lives.

8. People assume that pretty girls are intrinsically stupid.

If you get a promotion at work, people automatically think you slept your way to the top.


9. And speaking of work, beautiful women go through a lot of sexual harassment even at work.

10. People automatically assume you're a slay queen and a high maintenance woman.

11. If you start dating, chances are, you will have to deal with an insecure boyfriend most of the time.

12. You cannot tell who genuinely likes you for your personality and as a whole package and who wants to use you as a trophy to just be seen with you.

13. People always seem to think they know the careers you're best suited for.


"How come you're not a model?" "Have you tried applying at Emirates? You look like a cabin crew".

14. Many people assume you must have a pretty kid and are surprised when they see you have a kid who is like a 7/10.

Sometimes, the baby just doesn't end up looking like the woman and it's okay!


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