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The common mistake women make when washing their face

Want healthier skin? Avoid doing this.

Yes, it may be easier and faster to get it done in the shower but doing so only damages your skin.

It’s one of the face-washing skin care mistakes that a lot of us are guilty of no doubt but experts really warn against it; and this is why.

“Hot water coming straight onto your face from the shower head can strip away your natural oils and leave your skin barrier weak, vulnerable and cracked,” licensed esthetician in New York City, Charlotte Cho told Buzzfeed.


Scrubbing your face too hard can also affect your skin because it removes the lipids, proteins and fatty acids that protect your skin thus leading to break outs and irritation.

Try wash your face with lukewarm water before getting into the shower. Make sure to pat your face dry and not scrub it to avoid damaging your skin.


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