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10 steps to help your hair grow faster

How to get and keep beautiful long hair.

These steps will help your hair maintain its volume while nurturing your scalp.

Here are 10 steps to helping your hair grow faster.

1. Use a pre-shampoo

This is a conditioning treatment that is applied on hair before actual shampoo. It prevents hair from breaking and becoming too dry.


2. Use the proper shampoo

When washing your hair, use a shampoo that is sulfate-free as sulfates make your hair frizzy and prone to breakages. Also use shampoos that have organic oils.

3. Use conditioner after every wash

This helps restore moisture and oils to your hair. Use the ones designated for dry hair.

4. Deep condition every week


A deep conditioning treatment helps restore moisture and suppleness to your hair from the roots up. Deep condition every week after your weekly hair wash.

5. Moisturize

Try to keep your hair moisturized every day. Use coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil or pure shea butter. Also ensure that you are consuming enough drinking water.

6. Use hair oil

When applying, massage deeply so as to make sure it gets to the hair follicles.


7. Protect hair ends

Trim your hair every three months to avoid split ends. When holding your hair, use not-so-tight buns and loose braids. Letting your hair fall freely exposes it to more damage. At night wrap the hair in a silk scarf or sleep on a satin pillow.

8. Wash sparsely

Wash your hair at most, twice a week. Washing the hair too frequently strips it of its natural oils.

9. Don't dry with hot implements


Try to air dry your hair after every wash. If you have to use a blow drier, use it on its coolest setting. Driers and flat irons cook your hair making it prone to breakage.

10. Use boosters

You can boost your hair growth by applying protein treatments.

Take vitamin and fish oil supplements.


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