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Weight loss products in Kenya. We’ll also review how safe and effective they are.

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Weight loss products

About Weight loss products

The growing demand for weight loss in Kenya has led to the popularity for weight loss in the country. Many overweight Kenyans are desperate to cut on their weight and get back in shape. Another group of Kenyans cannot stomach protruding tummies anymore. They are therefore on the lookout for products that will clear the belly fat.

These are some of the products that can help reduce weight

1. Shake off Phyto fibre

It helps in detoxifying the colon so as to make it more elastic. Phyto fibre is an organic blend of natural ingredients that help remove congested waste matter in the colon.

The catch is that they absorb cholesterol and promote growth of good bacteria. In effect the belly fat will be reduced and the belly flattens.

Detoxification leads to balance of one’s hormones and the pH level in the body.

The Weight Management Centre in Nairobi told the Standard that their program involves four steps. Their program lasts a month and does not necessarily involve vigorous body exercise.

The steps involve detoxifying the colon through Shake off Phyto Fibre, balancing hormones and pH level. Finally they begin a process of actively burning fat by a meal replacement therapy.

2. ISlim  capsules

ISlim capsules contain a slimming botanical formula that reduces the absorption of fat. The formula also burns the fat effectively and increases metabolism. It also enhances proper co-ordination and nourishment of the organs.

The capsule contains dietary fibre that is an important cocktail in metabolic regulation.

ISlim helps in improving the digestive system function. It also enhances fat metabolism in the body since it contains essential amino acids. When you take ISlim, it will regulate the digestive process and modulate the brain function. The formula also assists in the regeneration of gut cells and diminishes inflammation. Stopping of absorption of Cholesterin is also an effect of the radical therapeutic cure by ISlim.

ISlim is fast and effective and does not require extra exercise. The manufacturers of ISlim indicate that there are no chemicals in the capsules.

This is the dosage:

It goes for Ksh. 1000 in local stores.

3. Chia seeds

They go for Ksh 1499 and are sold in local stores and even online platforms such as Jumia.

Chia seeds have gained a lot of popularity because they have few calories. They also contain nutrients that are crucial for the body to maintain its weight.

These weight reducing products are rich in antioxidants which are very instrumental in the slimming mission.

Chia seeds are rich in fibre and therefore make a person feel full when they have eaten. When you feel full, it curbs appetite to eat more. They contain proteins that take time to be digested.

The seeds contain Omega 3 which helps in lowering the risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. They also have vital nutrients that help in bone formation thereby preventing cases of bone complications.

4. USN Phedra with Garcitrin 2015 formulation

The USN Phedra with Gatricin 2015 Formulation increases one’s metabolism rate. When the metabolism rate rises it assists a person to control their body weight.

It has no side effects and one is required to take two capsules every day, thirty minutes before breakfast.

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I rate Weight loss products 6 out of 10.


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