8 struggles that girls who love braids can relate to

Braid struggles

Keke Palmer rocking box braids (Elle)

If you’re anything like us, then you really love braids. They’re stylish, bring out the black magic in you, they go well with pretty much any outfit, you can have them done in so many different colors, styles, length and size and hey, they’re super economical – affordable and can last you a couple of weeks. But every good thing has some negatives, yes, even braids. There are some negative things that no one ever tells you about getting your hair braided...

1. Like how it’s painful.

2. Or how it takes forever.

You constantly have to keep touching your hair to have an idea of how much more hair is left.

3. You cannot make some facial expressions or even wash your face peacefully on the first few days because the braids are still quite tight and painful.

4. They can be really heavy.

Especially if they’re long box braids and you tie them into a bun.

5. Heavy braids lead to neck pain.

Like who even knew braids can give you neck pain?

6. They leave you with no hairline. Basically, RIP edges…

7. They get in the way of many things like brushing, showering, wearing some clothes, sitting down…

You always have to tame them e.g. putting them into a bun or tying a small knot at the back to get them away from the face.

8. As if you have not suffered enough, you still have to suffer taking them out.

Especially combing out the hair after you have had braids. A very underrated nightmare.


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