This triangular box braid style is a must try (Photos)

We are saying hell yes to this style

It all comes down to what style you fancy and what looks good on you. In addition, there are always styles that are trending, say for instance the Fulani braids which everyone and their mother has. If you're not one to keep up with trends though, you still have options, such as going for colored braids or unconventional styles that are different and even intricate. After all, looking different...different-good is not a bad thing.

One such different style is the geometric braid style. As the name suggests, this is a braiding style that incorporates geometric patterns such as squares, rectangles as well more complex patterns, resulting into a neat, very pleasant to look at intricate style that will not be so easy for people to copy hehe.

While there are vast geometric braid & cornrow styles out there, one of my favorite is the triangular box braids style that is so cute and perfect for the rainy weather. These braids also go by the name spider web braids or puzzle box braids.

So, for these triangle box braids, instead of parting the hair haphazardly, the hair is parted into three sections horizontally, then each section is divided into triangular portions which are then secured with rubber bands. Once all the hair has been partitioned and secured, you then add the braids throughout the head. I must add though, different Hairdressers have different ways of braiding so, while this is one of the common ways to achieve the triangle pattern, there are other methods out there. Feel free to get creative, say by adding thin lines in between the patterns for a more stand-out look.

The beauty of this style is that it's stunning, neat and will leave people who suffer from OCD impressed. Plus, you don't need to fill the head with so many braids. You can use the super long braids so that you're able to do a top knot bun when you feel like.

Check out the style:

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