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Breastfeeding struggles that are so real for new moms

It can be tough


If you thought breastfeeding was as easy as directing your nipples to the baby’s mouth and letting them feed, you are wrong. Ask any new mom and they will tell you how challenging the first weeks can be. While not all moms will go through a challenging moment when breastfeeding, most of them struggle with one or two things in the early weeks.

Here are a few struggles that breastfeeding moms go through:

1. Not enough milk


This can be very frustrating for a new mom. You try to eat all the foods that promise to increase your milk production but still no results. For some moms, the struggle is only on the first few days after birth. Moms with multiples may have to supplement with formula milk to ensure the babies are well fed.

2. No milk at all

This is the worst nightmare for any mom. The fact that you cannot produce even the least to feed your little one can be disturbing not to mention that formula milk is not a cheap alternative.

3. Breast leaks


While some moms struggle with little or no milk at all, others have too much supply until they leak. The problem with leaks is that they can be embarrassing because they can happen anywhere even at work. So you might need to have an extra outfit just in case things get messy.

4. Ouch, it hurts!

Like the pain you endured during labour was not enough, you have to struggle with breast pain when breastfeeding. And even when you are not, sometimes they are still sore.


5. Cracked nipples

What a nightmare! And yet the baby has to feed through the same cracked and painful nipples.

6. Breastfeeding with one eye open and the other close

You are too tired yet you can’t afford to fall asleep when nursing your baby because they might choke.


7. When the baby keeps on falling asleep

Some babies fall asleep as soon as you latch them. So they hardly feed enough and you have to keep on stimulating them to wake them to complete feeds.


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