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7 common myths about cancer you need to stop believing

Do cell phones really cause cancer?

7 common myths about cancer you need to stop believing

This is dangerous because it can derail prevention or even seeking proper treatment.

To prevent these wrong ideas from propagating, pay attention.

Here are common cancer myths you need to stop believing.


1. Cancer is a death sentence

It is not. With early detection and treatment, you have a 90% chance of surviving it. Especially with breast, prostate and thyroid cancer.

2. Consuming sugar makes cancer worse

Cancer cells consume more sugar than regular cells but stopping your sugar intake doesn't improve your cancer condition. Neither does consuming sugar worsen it. Weight gain and obesity do increase a risk of thirteen types of cancer.

3. Cancer is contagious


Cancer can only spread from person to person through an organ transplant. However, this only has a chance of 2 in every 100,000 of happening.

4. Attitude/ stress increases risk of cancer

There is no scientific evidence linking attitude with cancer.

5. Cell phones cause cancer

They do not. Cancer is caused by mutation of cells. Mobile phones emit a low energy frequency that doesn't affect the body.


6. Herbs can cure cancer

No. Some therapies can help manage side effects of cancer treatment. No herbal products have been shown to have any effect on treating cancer. Some products may even cause more harm when a patient is undergoing chemo or radiotherapy.

7. Antiperspirants and deos cause cancer

Studies show that they don't. There has been no link found between the chemicals in deodorants and changes in breast tissues.




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