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Here's why you are having blood-like vaginal discharge

Never ignore it

Blood like discharge(Cell Code)

Your discharge says a lot about your health. Although it changes depending on the time of the month, vagina discharge may be a result of a serious problem.

Ordinarily, the vaginal discharge should be clear or white with little or no odor. The amount may vary depending on various factors such as pregnancy, ovulation, birth control, and sexual arousal. As such, if your discharge has some weird color, there could be a problem.

Ever had some bloody like or pinkish vaginal discharge? Below are some causes of bloody like vaginal discharge that you should know:

1. Menstruation


Few days to your period, your discharge may change because the body is getting ready for menstruation. You may also have pinkish or brownish discharge after your periods and no need to get worried about it.

2. Your cervix is irritated

The irritation may result from sex, inserting foreign objects in your vagina, allergic reactions or infection. The irritation may cause the cervix or vaginal canal to bleed slightly and you may notice some reddish discharge on the tissue.

3. Ovulation


Yes, some people bleed during ovulation. The blood is usually very light colored though such that it doesn’t resemble period blood. You may also experience cramps during this period.

4. Hormonal imbalance

The hormones generally control how your body functions. If they are not balanced, your menstrual cycle is likely to suffer. As such, you may experience pinkish or brownish discharge at some point.

5. Infections


This is the elephant in the room. And you need to see a doctor to have the infections treated before they become worse. Various infections such as chlamydia, bacterial vaginosis, gonorrhea and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) may affect your discharge. If your red discharge is accompanied with other symptoms such as pelvic pain, vaginal odor, painful intercourse, painful urination or vaginal itching, see your doctor soonest possible. These infections are treatable with antibiotics but can have negative impacts when left untreated for long.


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