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4 good reasons why it’s okay to stay celibate

Whatever your reasons are for staying celibate, just know it is okay.

Yes, it’s the 21 century and most people are now open to speak about their sex lives and sex in general – it’s their prerogative.

But so is choosing to staying celibate.

Here are four reasons why it’s okay to be celibate.


1.You are drawn closer to your partner beyond the physical

You and your partner will be able to bond beyond the physical aspects of your relationship. You get creative with how you want to be romantic with one another and it helps build your bond.

2.You steer clear of risks associated with sex

You don’t have to worry about getting an STI or unplanned pregnancies. You can just focus on your relationship with your partner.

3.You steer clear of opportunists


These are people that just want to use you for sex and then dump you once they are done. Anyone that would try and convince you to have sex with them when you aren’t ready is just using you and you need to keep a distance from them.

4.You have something to look forward to

Whether you will be waiting until after marriage to have sex or until the right time for you, you will have something to look forward to.


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