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How drinking coffee can help you live longer

2-4 cups a day can help keep the Grim Reaper away.

The findings which were published in European Cardiac Society Congress 2017 were from a study of 20,000 people in Spain.

The average age of the participants was 37 and over the course of the 10 year study, 337 participants died.

According to Forbes, the researchers found that participants who consumed at least four cups of coffee per day had a 64% lower risk of death than those who infrequently or never consumed coffee. They also found a 22% lower risk of death for participants who drank two cups a day.


Lower risk was especially strong for older participants, with two cups a day linked to a 30% reduction in mortality.

Other factors affected the outcome such as age, gender, and diet.

It should be noted that the taking of coffee reducing risk of early death is a correlation.

Coffee also has a few health benefits that may contribute to these findings.

It contains antioxidants, it lowers the risk of heart and liver diseases and stroke- when taken in minimal quantities.


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