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5 reasons why your sweat stinks so bad

What causes smelly sweat?

Smelly armpits(dailysun)

Normally, sweat is not supposed to be smelly. It is the bacteria on your skin that combines with the sweat hence the smell. Sweating is normal but there are times you may notice that your sweat is so smelly until you become self-conscious.

If you can feel your own sweat smelling without sniffing your pits or clothes, then other people can smell it too and no one wants that.

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But what could have changed? Well, your sweat may start stinking due to various reasons such as:


1. Stress

If you are under pressure to complete some tasks or something is stressing you, your sweat will also suffer. Actually, the sweat you produce when stressed or anxious smells the worst.

2. Your new outfit

If your sweat never used to smell but things have since changed, your pretty outfit may be to blame. Some fabrics such as nylon, silk, rayon and polyesters might look good on you but they soak up with sweat and prevent evaporation. And since bacteria thrive well in damp conditions, sweat mixes with the bacteria on your skin and the results is foul smelling sweat.


3. Nutrients deficiency

According to research, people who have a deficiency in Magnesium have higher chances of having stinking sweat. This is easier to deal with because you only need to eat foods rich in Magnesium such as leafy vegetables, nuts and dark chocolate if you have not been doing so.

4. Foods rich in Choline

Fish, meat and eggs contain choline. All the same, most people produce fish smelling like sweat after eating these foods. If you have heard more of them lately, it could be the reason behind your smelly sweat.


5. Bathroom habits

If you are in the habit of holding urine for too long, your sweat will be smelly. Same case applies in severe cases of constipation. When toxins are held into your system for long, they find their way out through the pores making your sweat smelly.


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