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Common habits you didn’t know are ruining your eyes

Your daily habits could be damaging your eyes

Habits that damage your eyes

Some habits are seemingly harmless yet they can cost your eyesight. If you have been doing these things, it’s time to change because they will slowly ruin your eyes:

1. Sleeping with makeup

How many times have you been warned against sleeping with makeup? I know sometimes we are too tired and we just want to forego washing our faces and jump into the bed. However, this habit is not only bad for your skin but also your eyes. Eye makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, and, eyeshadow can cause nasty infections since bacteria love breeding in damp environments. So, apart from cleaning your face every day before going to bed, also make sure that you replace your makeup often.


2. Rubbing your eyes

You probably don’t do this anymore since coronavirus happened. Given that our hands come into contact with different things, they carry germs which you transfer to your eyes every time you rub your eyes. These germs can in return cause eye infections.

3. Skimping on sleep


When was the last time you enjoyed a 7-9 hours sleep? Sleeping for at least seven hours a day is not only important for your mind but your overall health. Skimping on sleep can result in puffy eyes, itchiness and red eyes.

4. Not eating a balanced diet

For healthy eyesight, always eat carrots. Isn’t that what we were all told when growing up? While carrots are good for your eyes, there are other foods rich in beta carotene and other healthy nutrients you can eat to keep your eyes healthy and protect them from eye diseases.


5. Not wearing protective gear

When doing home repairs or dealing with chemicals that might hurt your eyes, always your safety glasses. Since you never know when the accident will happen, just take caution. Also, rock your sunglasses not just to look cute but to protect your eyes from damage but the sun rays.


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