Common perfume mistakes you are making unknowingly

Usiseme hukuambiwa

Perfume mistakes(Discover Magazine)

Wearing perfume might seem as easy as spraying it on your skin, dressing and leaving. Well, it requires more than that.

How you store your perfume, the choice of perfume as well as how you wear it also matters. Check out these common perfume mistakes that people make unknowingly:

1. You are spraying your clothes

Very wrong! Even if you want to remove odor from your clothes, do not spray perfume directly on them. You will damage your clothes with stain perfumes.

2. Rubbing the wrists together

After spraying your wrists, don’t rub them together. The process breaks down the fragrance construction giving it a different fragrance altogether.

3. Storing wrongly

Where you store your perfume affects the scent. Do not store your perfume in an area that is direct to sunlight. Also changing the environment from a cold to hot place affects the scent. Store your perfume correctly so that it preserves its original scent for longer.

4. You spray without moisturizing

This is a trick to make your perfume last longer. When the skin is dry, the scent easily vanishes to the air but when the skin is moisturized, the moisture helps the skin to absorb the scent.

5. You spray the wrong areas

You can’t just spray the whole body. If you want your spray to last longer, spray behind your ears, wrists, behind your knees, and your neck.

6. You spray too little or too much

If it’s too little, no one will notice it. And if it’s too much, you will be making the environment around you. Secret? Just wear enough.


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