5 mistakes you are making when shaving down there


Mistakes to avoid when shaving pubes(bustle)

If you are like most people, then shaving the pubes is as simple as grabbing your razor, and trimming the hair before taking a shower. But this is all wrong. There is more to it.

To get the best results and avoid any injuries, don’t make these common mistakes that people make:

1. Using an old razor

Honestly speaking, for how long have you used your razor? You probably can’t even recall the last time you replaced it. An old razor is not only blunt but it could also be rusty. This increases the chances of injuring yourself and we bet a cut is the last thing you would want down there.

2. You are shaving before trimming

If you have a bush down there, you should trim it first before shaving. It will be easier to shave and the results will also be better.

3. You are shaving in the wrong direction

You don’t just shave anyhow. If you shave against the direction of your hair growth, you might end up with skin irritation. And trust you me, you will not like it.

4. Shaving dry

For whatsoever reasons, don’t make this mistake. That’s why we have shaving creams to make the process smoother. Apply enough shaving cream and keep on reapplying as needed until you are done. This will save you from skin irritation. Also, make sure you moisturize the area after shaving.

5. You are not exfoliating

You exfoliate your face and lips often enough. But why not your pubes? Exfoliating before shaving reduces the chances of ingrown hair and eliminates the dead skin cells. 


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