Signs you are not satisfying your woman in bed

Men, please take note

Estranged couple in bed

Just because your girl moans during sex doesn’t mean she is loving it. She is probably faking it because she does not want to hurt your ego.

But worry not, you can figure out if your girl is having enough of it or if she is never satisfied. If you are can relate to these signs, please do something about your skills before it’s too late:

1. She masturbates

To some, masturbation could be just an addiction. But if your girl masturbates so often even after sex, talk to her about it. You are probably not meeting her sexual needs.

2. She never orgasms

Some women find it difficult to orgasm through sex. But if your girl used to have mind-blowing orgasms and she has stopped having them, it’s possible that you are not satisfying her in bed.

3. You have to ask if she had an orgasm

Really? If you didn’t see her react to the pleasure of orgasming, then she definitely didn’t orgasm. Maybe you do better next time?

4. She asks you if you are done before you even climax

If you do not satisfy a woman in bed, she will have it for the sake of it but not for pleasure. She might not even feel you cum because her mind is a million miles away.

5. She comes to bed much later

Because she is avoiding to have sex with you. ‘Cause anyway, what’s the need of having sex if she won’t get satisfied?

6. She doesn’t want you to go down on her

Giving you a BJ could be too much work for her. But her own pleasure? If she says no, maybe are too sloppy in it and she hates it. Speak openly about it and be willing to learn how to do it right.

7. She is hardly in the mood

Why would she waste her time and energy if you are the only person who will enjoy the moment? No matter how aroused she might be filling, she will pretend not to be in the mood knowing so well that you will not satisfy her.

8. She is just lying there

Like a dead cockroach! You don’t expect her to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ if she is not feeling any pleasure.

9. She never initiates sex

Because it makes no difference for her anyway!

10. She doesn’t want to talk about it

You want her to thank you for good sex and say she enjoyed it? Well, what if she didn’t? Then it’s better she just keeps silent about it.


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