Birth control comes in many forms from prophylactics, inserts and birth control pills.

Birth control pills are orally ingested to prevent pregnancy. However, they don't protect against sexually transmitted infections.

Here are 5 myths about birth control pills you need to stop believing.

1. The pill makes you gain weight.

Using the pill doesn't make you fatter. What happens in about 20% of women is water retention. Sometimes increased water retention leads to a slight increase in weight.

2. The pill makes you stop enjoying sex.

There is no definitive study to show so. Some women have reported an increased sex drive while others have reported lower libido and while others it hasn't affected their appetite at all.

3. The pill affects your chances of pregnancy later.

There's no research to suggest that birth control itself can impact your future fertility.

4. The pill increases chances of breast cancer.

No risk has been detectable among women who took the pill then went off it.

5. You need to take breaks when you're using the pill.

You should only stop taking birth control if you want to get pregnant. There's no medical reason to take a break from your birth control method if you're in good health and having no problems with it.

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