You can now get a designer vagina at Sh300, 000 in Nairobi

Looking to redesign your vagina? You're sorted.

At Avane Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic and Medical Spa at Yaya Centre, Hurlingham, you can get you vagina designed to your liking at a whopping Sh300, 000.


Doctors there say that patients have to undergo an examination by booking for the procedure.

Each session for vaginal tightening costs Sh80, 000 and clients usually have up to four sessions.

Vaginoplasty or cosmetic vaginal surgery is a procedure that allows women to change their vaginas to look more appealing and heighten sexual pleasure.

Vaginoplasty aims at tightening a loose vagina and it is often combined with labiaplasty which changes the appearance of a vagina’s lips.

While the surgery may alter the appearance of the vagina, it doesn’t guarantee heightened sexual response. The procedure may improve a woman’s self-confidence but it still has highly risky side effects.

As it is a highly invasive procedure, it may result in infections, permanent changes in sensation, pain and scarring.


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