5 dangerous things you should never do to a baby

Never ever

Mom playing with baby(The Fertile Chick)

Babies are sweet but delicate. So whatever you choose to do to them, just be careful about it. You may think you are just being playful only to put the baby’s life in danger.

Whether it’s your baby or someone else’s never do this to them:

1. Letting people kiss them

There is that desire that people have to kiss the baby’s face. But you should not let them kiss your baby because you do not know their health status. If you let anyone kiss them on the lips, you are exposing them to Herpes Simplex Virus which can be fatal to be babies under three months.

2. Over layering

You are trying to keep the baby from the catching a cold you intend it to be well. But if you can’t feel the cold, then the temperatures are equally not bad for the baby. Over layering may dehydrate the baby.

3. Leaving diapers for too long

While you may want on the cost of diapers, the wellbeing of your baby should never be compromised. Babies urinate after every few minutes and thus require to be changed frequently. Leaving them with the same diaper for too long may cause diaper rash.

4. Ignoring them when they cry

These tiny beings may drive you nuts with their persistent crying. Yet, sometimes all they need is your attention; give it to them. If you leave them to cry, it stresses them which may affect their brain development and it also makes them feel neglected.

5. Sleeping on their tummy

Baby is too tired to sleep on their back? Don’t even think of making them sleep on their stomach. It increases the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This is because the baby breathes in the same carbon dioxide they breathed out.


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