Early signs of diabetes that everyone should be aware of

Prevention is better than cure.

Most people don’t even know that they have diabetes until it worsens.

This doesn’t mean that it can’t be detected early. Here are some early warning signs of diabetes that everyone should be aware of.

1.Itchy skin

Your body is using fluids to make pee which can result in your body getting dehydrated. Dry skin can become very itchy.

2.Slow healing wounds

If you prick yourself and your wound takes a long time to heal it could be an early sign of diabetes. High blood sugar can affect the blood flow thus damage the nerves which make it hard for wounds to heal fast enough.

3.Frequent urination

On average, a person is supposed to pee between four and seven times in a day.

If you pee more than this however, it could be as sign that you may have diabetes.

4.Fatigue and increased hunger

The body converts food into glucose that provides it with energy. If the body lacks enough insulin however, it will make it hard to bring the glucose into the cells. This eventually leads to one not having enough energy thus increased hunger and fatigue.

Note: The best way to confirm a diabetes diagnosis or any medical diagnosis for that matter is to always seek medical advice.


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