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Different cornrows hairstyles you might want to try (Photos)

Because normal is too boring


Cornrows have become so common these days but you don't have to avoid them because everyone is doing them. Instead, get a little bit creative or go to a creative hairstylist who can give them a twist so that they don't seem so ordinary.

Now have a look at all the below variations of cornrows and you might just get your next hairstyle:

1. We don't always have six hours to sit in the salon having our hair done. With these cute cornrows, you will save your time as well as your hairline.


2. If you are the bold type, you might consider going a notch higher by doing plaiting coloured cornrows like these ones.

3. How about these chunky cornrows for your next hairdo?


4. It's all about creativity, remember?

5. Rainbow cornrows, would you do give them a try?

6. Only a super talented stylist can give you this look. Make sure you enquire with your stylist to know if they can do it lest you end up disappointed.


7. You can be sure that when you go to town, you won't find 20 girls rocking the same hairstyle as you. This makes you stand out.

8. Neat and lovely.


9. Well, you might have to spend a good amount of time at the salon but the end product is super amazing. It's definitely worth the wait.

10. How cute are they?


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