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Why you shouldn't invest in foot detox

It’s a scam

Detoxing through feet(BlackDoctor)

There is this detox craze that is sweeping the country. Even pregnant and nursing women want to detox. It’s great and it’s good for your health. It boosts your immunity, eliminates toxins from your body and helps in weight loss. Most people who are experimenting with every recipe they see on the internet are actually trying to lose weight.

Detoxing through feet

So, besides the detox juices, people are now detoxing through the feet. The ionic foot detox is said to eliminate the toxins from your body through electrolysis. Apparently, all you need to do is soak your feet in water that is connected to the ionizing machine. The machine then pulls out toxins from your body through the feet. For you to know if the detox is working, the water is supposed to change in color. The argument is that the toxins from your body discolor the water.


The truth

So do foot detox work and are they healthy? First and foremost, no need to worry if you have already used the foot detox. There are no proven side effects so far.


On whether they work, the answer is no. Up to now, no research has proven in support of the foot detox. Although no much research has been done on the topic, the studies done show that the ion cleanse method does nothing when it comes to reducing the toxins levels in the body.


About the water change to prove that the detox is working is also not true. Special salts are used in the ionization process which could be that cause of discoloration. If tap water is used, it may react with the salts and the sweat and dirt on your feet could also cause discoloration.

While you may not suffer any side effects of foot detox, you do not want to lose so much money on a detox method that does not work. 


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