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Different simple and cute ways to style your natural hair (Photos)

Bored of the same old styles?

Black natural hairstyles to try out (Pinterest)

If you're looking for ways to spruce up your natural hair, then this article is for you.

The beauty of natural hair is that it’s super versatile – you can almost always manipulate it into whatever style you want especially with the help of extensions like Marley hair.

Still, you will find that some people stick to the same old hairstyles, the wash and gos, the afro, and bun styles, perhaps due to time constrains or not knowing of other hairstyles out there to try out. In this day and age where Vlogging is an actual career, you can find so many cute and simple hairstyle inspirations and tutorials on how to do them. You really don’t have to be stuck with the same old boring hairstyles. That being said, here are some chic styles to try out:

1. The half top knot bun.


2. Space buns.

You could play around with options for this style. For instance, you could have the half space buns half hair down, you could have high space buns or even tie them at the back of the head.


3. Use a cute scarf or hair accessory to pull back the hair into a puff bun.

This style is great because it can work even on short natural hair.

4. Flat twists.


This style is super easy and you don’t even need to know how to braid because you’re simply partitioning two strands and twisting them while feeding in the rest of the hair. Partition your hair in the middle, sideways or even do a zigzag partitioning in the middle then do the flat twists.

5. The good old side part.

Partition a small side of the hair, grab some hair then secure it with hair pins or a cute accessory. This style can also work with short hair.


6. Pineapple hair.

This is not particularly an easy style to try out on your own especially if you have short hair, but with the help of tutorials or extensions, you can pull off it off. It’s super cute and you can even add a scarf for a better look.

7. Front half cornrows.

For this, you’d need to have basic braiding skills but if you don’t know, you could also section the front part of your hair, then make small matutas in a column and join them together, tie them into a bun, then let the remaining part of your hair flow.


8. Goddess ponytail.

Tie your hair into a small either high, mid or low bun then add an extension and plait it into a goddess ponytail. You could also add a curly, kinky or even puff extension if you prefer that to the goddess ponytail.


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