4 fitness mistakes that are preventing you from losing weight

Routine creates boredom

Fat lady working out(self)

If you are looking forward to becoming leaner, you must be willing to do more than just dieting. For effective and healthy weight loss, working out is paramount. While at it, you don’t exercise for the sake of it. Otherwise, you will exercise, follow a certain diet and still have no results to show.

Avoid making these mistakes if you want to lose weight:

1. Doing the same workouts

In the beginning, whatever routine you choose to follow will work for you and you will actually lose some weight. However, once your body gets used to a specific routine, that’s the time you will hit your weight loss plateau. To avoid this, keep on changing your moves and trying out new routines.

2. Overdoing cardio

It’s best for burning fat. However, in as much as you will burn calories, too much cardio stresses your body preventing weight loss. When trying to lose weight, the goal should be long term. And the goal, in this case, is building your metabolism – which cardio does not do. Alternate cardio with other workouts such as weights to boost your metabolism.

3. You are not sweating enough

Sweating is a good way to know if you are really trying. If you are exercising but not breaking a sweat, you need to up your game. If a routine has become so easy for you, lift heavier weights or do an exercise that is not too easy for you.

4. You eat the wrong foods before going to the gym

If you eat fatty foods prior to working out, your workout won’t be effective. Fatty foods take time to digest and your body will thus be competing with itself for blood supply because both digestion and exercise need it.


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