Surefire ways to hide your big tummy by wearing the right clothes

Hakuna kumeza tumbo tena lol

Fashion tips to hide your tummy (Pinterest)

Big tummy? No problem. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a flat tummy even though we all want one. There are tens of hacks you can use to burn your belly fat and actually achieve sexy abs. But before you get to that point, you still got to slay and shine without attracting too much attention to your belly. Or isn’t it annoying when people keep asking when you are due while you don’t even know what being pregnant feels like? It’s for that reason and many others that you may want to revamp your wardrobe and acquire outfits that do not highlight your big tummy but instead, hide it. How cool is that, huh?

Now have a look at these effortless ways to hide your tummy:

1. Distract people

This is a super easy trick that always works. People will always notice your big tummy if it's highlighted. To avoid that, direct their attention elsewhere. For instance, wear a flattering top that exposes your cleavage or a necklace that gets people looking.

2. Peplum designs are your best friend

You can never go wrong with peplum if you are trying to hide your big tummy. It always gets the job done. You can choose to do a peplum top or even a dress. Whether it's ankara, floral or plain coloured, it works.

3. Avoid tight outfits

Tight outfits will only exaggerate the size of your tummy and that's definitely not what you are looking for. You may want to avoid body cones and tops that are tight around the belly. Pair up your baggy top with a well fitting pair of jeans like the above shown.

4. High-low dresses

Just like peplum designs, high-low dresses never disappoint when it comes to hiding your tummy.

5. Try a fit and flare dress like the one below

6. Pants that tuck in your tummy

By all means, avoid low waist jeans. They only give your belly a push and make it seem bigger. Instead, consider mid-rise jeans that tuck in your tummy and give it a flattering look.

7. Embrace frills

Frills are a great and effortless way to hide your tummy. Go for a dress or top with frills and your tummy will hardly get noticed.


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