Simple tips to remain stylish and fashionable while breastfeeding

Fashion tips for breastfeeding moms

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Once you give birth, you realize that your choice of outfit mostly depends on how easily it will allow you to access your boobs. This means that you will have to give a break to some of your favorite tops and dresses that you used to wear before. While remaining fashionable while breastfeeding may seem like such a hard nut to crack, it's doable.

So, you don't have to worry about looking older or losing your sense of style just because you are now a mom. Actually, breastfeeding shouldn't be an excuse for not looking good.

We have listed some tips below which you can borrow to ensure you remain stylish while still nursing:

1. A well fitting nursing bra

This is where you should first begin. Your breast increase in size and your regular bras may not fit you. Instead of going bra-less just because you are nursing, invest in a well fitting bra not just for the looks but also because your boobs need a that tender and comfortable feel that you can't experience with the regular underwire bras. Also, nursing bras ensure milk flow smoothly.

2. Nursing camisole

And no, you don't have to wear those baggy tees. You can still rock in a well fitting and stylish camisole when nursing. With some nursing camisoles, you don't need to wear a bra. They are not only stylish but also allow you to breastfeed with easily.

3. Off-shoulder outfits

Off-shoulder tops and dresses should be your best friend if you are nursing and still want to be stylish.

4. V-necks will do the magic

You will want to stay away from any outfit

5. Buttoned dresses are cute and make breastfeeding super easy.

6. There are endless options when it comes to ankara style for nursing moms. You can choose a buttoned ankara dress, off-shoulder or even this cute wrap dress.

7. How about a sexy cross front top like this one? It gives you that 'sexy mama' vibe while making it easy to nurse your little one.

8. If you feel like your V-neck top is too revealing, accentuate it with a scarf. The scarf also makes sure you don't attract unnecessary attention while nursing or have to reveal your body.

9. Yes, you can still wear your favorite denim and rock in a button down shirt like this one.

As you can see, being stylish doesn't have to be so difficult when breastfeeding. Now go ahead and be that stylish mom that everyone admires, will you?


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