Easy ways to get killer abs in 2020

Go for it

How to get six pack in 2020 (istockphoto)

Is leading a healthy and fit lifestyle one of your new year’s resolutions? We make resolutions to make more money and improve other areas of our lives while forgetting about our bodies. So, how about you add to your list of resolutions and make keeping fit one of the many resolutions you already have? After all, it’s the same body that will help you achieve all the other resolutions.

For those looking forward to having abs in 2020, we are here to tell you that it’s doable. It’s not magic and only requires you some effort and discipline while doing these things:

1. Plank your way to those sexy abs

If you want those six-pack killer abs, then you must work on your abdominal area. Do planks, crunches, sit-ups, squats, leg lifts, and, other exercises that work on your abdomen muscles. You can, for instance, lift weights while squatting to make it more effective.

2. Do cardio

Lifting weights and doing abdominal exercises alone is unlikely to help you get rid of belly fat and get a six-pack. To burn the fat around your belly, you will need to incorporate more cardio in your workout routine. Once you get rid of the belly fat, it becomes easier to get your abs into perfect shape.

3. Load up on protein

Eating more protein will suppress your appetite hence enhancing weight loss, belly fat loss, and, building up your muscles. Eating more protein also helps in reducing your calorie intake which is a good thing for someone trying to get a six-pack.

4. Ditch refined carbs

Doing this can help in getting rid of belly fat and get your killer abs fast. Plus, refined carbs lose their fibre, vitamins and minerals and thus have very low nutritional value.

Ready to get started? All the best as your work on getting six-pack abs in 2020.


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