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Can you really get pregnant from sperms in a swimming pool?

Let’s find out

Can you get pregnant from swimming in a pool with guys?

So many things happen in swimming pools. Recently, Diana Marua confessed that she pees in the swimming pool each time she is swimming. How gross! I know. But come to think of it, that’s only one person who confessed meaning there could be more people doing it. Probably there are even grosser things that happen in those waters.

You definitely have heard people say that you could also get pregnant by sharing a swimming pool with men. But how true is that?

Getting pregnant in a swimming pool


Speaking to Tribune news, an Indonesian child’s right official was quoted saying that there is a type of ‘strong sperm’ that can make one pregnant even without penetration. After lots of ridicule on social media, Sitti Hikmawatty was forced to apologize and retract her statement seeing there is still no scientific evidence to prove what she said.

So, can you really get pregnant by sharing a swimming pool with guys? No, it’s just a myth. Even if you are in your fertile window, you should not be worried about getting pregnant in a swimming pool.

Sperms don't survive long unless well preserved outside the human body

First, sperms cannot swim in water – they are not humans. So how then can they get into your vagina unless you have actual intercourse in the water?


Then, sperms only survive a short period outside the human body. It’s very unlikely that they will survive long enough to get into your vagina alive since the sperm in the water has already been separated from the fluid that protects it.

Also, the environment in the swimming pool is not friendly enough for the sperm to survive. With chlorine and other chemicals in the swimming, the sperm hardly survives a few seconds after ejaculation.


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