Ladies, here’s what you need to know before swallowing his semen

Unaweza meza?

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Some find it disgusting while others do it without care. If fellatio is your kind of thing, you have probably gotten yourself in a situation where a man ejaculates in your mouth and you don’t know where to spit. So, you end up swallowing his semen. Others take joy in swallowing it and it’s actually part of their oral sex and foreplay. Still, others believe it has numerous health benefits and therefore never let go an opportunity to swallow it.

Semen won’t meet your proteins needs

But wait, before you go ahead and swallow his semen, you need to know a few things about it. First, you might have heard people say how rich in protein semen is and it can thus fatten you. While it’s true that semen indeed has proteins, it’s in very small quantities and you’d probably have to swallow gallons for you to see the results. 80% of semen is water, while the other 20% comprises proteins, amino acids, sugars, minerals and other nutrients. So no, you can’t rely on semen to give you the proteins you need.

Is it safe to swallow semen?

You might also be wondering if it’s safe to swallow the slimy substance. Well, once you swallow semen, it’s ingested like any other food that you consume and it’s safe in most cases. However, there are rare cases whereby some individuals develop allergic reactions to semen. The condition known as Seminal plasma hypersensitivity is caused by the exposure to some specific type of protein contained in the seminal fluid.

Swallowing semen puts you at risk of STIs

If your partner has a sexually transmitted infection, chances are that his semen is also infected. That puts you at risk of getting infected as well especially if you have sores in your mouth. STIs such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea can affect your throat while viral infections such as herpes just require skin to skin contact.

If you are yet to be tested with your partner, make sure you use a barrier method such as condoms during oral sex.


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